What is it?

Remote desktop is an amazing way to access your company I.T. network and files by using any internet connection available.

It’s a simple, cost-effective, secure, and risk free way of businesses procuring their computers, their software applications, and their I.T. support.

Remote desktop subscribers run all their company software (Microsoft Office, databases and accounting packages etc) online instead of from their hard drives assuring guaranteed system performance, absolute security, and access to everything from anywhere. The cost is fixed per employee and paid monthly or via an annual enterprise contract.

Who is it for?

Remote desktop is for any business that wants to either remove their existing I.T. headache or benefit from a corporate level I.T. infrastructure without the cost or administration issues.

With a remote desktop service, all your data, documents and applications are run centrally on the latest clustered servers located in dual secure data centers. Our I.T. engineers manage all the hardware and software with all upgrades and patches applied transparently.

The standard remote desktop service includes the latest Microsoft Office and Outlook, Acrobat, Sage and other software packages. The remote desktop environment is secured through multiple levels of virus and spam protection and daily on site backups of client data.

Subscribers connect to our data centre and their company network using any computer running Windows or Mac – nothing else is needed, and full I.T. support comes as standard. We become your single I.T. partner.

What are the benefits?

Remote access: work from anywhere

Because the service is delivered through the Internet you can login to your company computer system, securely, from anywhere in the world. Work seamlessly as if you were next to your staff in a powerful server environment.

Fixed, monthly costs per head or annual enterprise contracts

You won’t need a third-party I.T. support contract. And because we reuse our computer resource, expanding it as we grow, the service is delivered to you priced  monthly on a per head basis or via an annual enterprise contract.

Scalable: pay for what you use, and don’t pay for what you don’t

With the annual enterprise contract, whether your business shrinks or grows your I.T. costs will always stay in line with your operation. No risky overspending, and no hidden costs should you suddenly need to expand.

No need for a server

We’re always up to date with the latest technology, and we can offer all the advantages and benefits of having a big computer system. This means that you can share your documents, contacts, calendars and printers internally, and also things like accounting packages and industry specific software programs.

Security is everything: virus protection, spam filters and ultra secure

All our equipment maintain a very high level of security. Everything is always carefully scanned, backed up and safe from viruses, hackers and data loss. No need for a disaster recovery plan. No need to worry about floods or disasters. With the proper maintenance plan you can be sure your that your company data is always safe, and always accessible.

Reliable, less downtime

Our servers use failover technology and all of our systems are monitored around the clock, keeping your data safe and accessible wherever you are.

Future proof: all hardware/software upgrades inclusive

The back-end infrastructure is our responsibility. All system upgrades occur behind the scenes seamlessly with no additional charges. This means that you are consistently up to date with the latest technology.

No need for expensive I.T. or network support

Because the service is delivered via the internet, your computers resources are not being used, which means you do not have to pay for expensive I.T. support as your entire system is supported and managed behind the scenes.

Disaster Recovery

All data is backed up daily and uses fail-over technology, redundancy and resilience. In the event of a disaster or major catastrophe, your data will be restored effortlessly. As an extra security measure, we also use a 3rd party company to back up all data. this ensures that your company has an unrivalled disaster recovery solution for your company’s I.T. and computer network, perfect for small business and corporate alike.

Remote Office Access

Remote desktop is a complete remote access I.T. system that allows all users and sales staff to remotely access their desktop securely from anywhere, so you are always able to access your software, data and files as if you are sitting at your office computer.

Smartphone & Tablets

Using our Server, you do not need a separate server or email software as we host your mobile device on our IT infrastructure and you only pay a small monthly fee to use our services on the devices, instead of spending thousands on additional hardware and software.

This is the best secure, reliable, remote office solution. Remote email access is delivered via hosted exchange server.

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